How Barcode Scanners Can Streamline Your Events

How Barcode Scanners Can Streamline Your Events

Do you run ticketed (or even free) events on a regular basis? Have you ever wondered if there was a more efficient way of keeping track of attendees than having people provide their names at the check-in desk? Do you wish you could verify tickets more quickly? If so, barcode scanners could be just the thing you need.

Simply Scan and Go

Many ticketing systems now offer the option to generate printable barcodes. Take the example of the Smoothcomp ticketing system for sports events. This allows federation organizers to give each entrant a unique ID card that has a barcode on it. This barcode can be read by any standard barcode reader. Event staff simply need to scan the barcode and the entrant’s profile will be shown, so their right to enter the competition can be verified.

Barcodes Save Time and Confusion

There are many benefits to using barcodes. They take the workload off the staff who are manning the entry desk, and keep things moving smoothly. Using barcodes at events can:

  • Keep queues moving more quickly
  • Prevent people forging tickets
  • Reduce the risk of data entry errors
  • Help staff identify attendees more accurately
  • Give your event a more professional image

Using custom ID cards or tickets with a barcode instead of simple paper tickets from a free online ticketing service gives your event a more professional appearance. This helps your event stand out from the crowd.

Scanning Tickets Is Quick and Easy

When you invest in a barcode scanner, you make the job of processing tickets much simpler for the staff at the entry desk. There’s no need for them to be skilled in the computer system that handles the tickets, or for them to be rapid typists either. All they need to do is scan the barcode on each ticket, and watch for a notice popping up on the screen.

Because the job is so much simpler, it’s easier to find people who can do it. Almost any volunteer steward could be put onto the ticket desk. The training required for the job is minimal, and you can focus on training staff for other areas of the event that may require a more tailored customer service experience.

ID Barcodes Can Be Re-Used

Depending on the event platform you use, it may be possible to tie tickets to the person’s ID. This means the person can have a printed membership card with their barcode on it, and that barcode will grant them entry to any events they qualify for.

This system reduces the amount of tickets or cards needing to be printed, reducing waste and saving your organization money. That’s good for your pocketbook and for the environment, and it adds to your brand’s green image too! If you expect to host several events over the course of the year, investing in laminated or plastic cards with a member’s details on them will help make sure the cards last as long as possible. Your members will appreciate having a professional-looking card too!

Barcodes Are The Future Of Ticketing

Barcodes can be electronic or printed onto paper/plastic or card. Whatever medium you decide to use them in, they’re a great option for people who want to streamline the event entry process. It doesn’t take a lot of training to use a barcode scanner, and barcodes are a longstanding format that will work with any reader. Today you can buy wired readers or Bluetooth barcode readers that can connect to your PC. If you’re interested in trying barcode readers for your events, take a look at our selection and get in touch to discuss your needs with one of our specialists today,