lawyer Pick Up Lines – The Perfect Dirty Talking Lesson!

lawyer Pick Up Lines - The Perfect Dirty Talking Lesson!

Lawyer up with this lawyer pick up lines! They work wonders on men. You can be quite sure that if you use one of these lines on a woman, she is going to get angry. What’s worse is that she’ll try to make you do it again. It’s got to the point where you can hardly take it anymore. Here are some tips to stop this from happening.

First, you will have more success with these dirty and humorous lawyer pick-up lines if you are funny and have a sense of humor. Where else do lawyers come from? Don’t over coarse your lawyer. You need to make her laugh and get her emotions out of the way. Attacking and trying to get your ex back with lawyer pick-up lines will only end in tears. Not fun at all.

Secondly, don t use lawyer pick-up lines that are too flirty and inappropriate. If she walked into a strip club dressed in little skimpy little negligee and laid back on the dance floor, would you be doing business with her? Probably not. She would leave without a second thought.

Thirdly, don t use lawyer pick-up lines that are too sexual. The whole point is to get her aroused and revved up. If you are going to do that with a woman, go for it but make sure you are not making it too overboard. If you do, it will turn women off.

Fourthly, keep the lawyer pick up lines to the point. Remember that flirting can take time and effort so don t try to be too creative or you will just come across as insecure. Most women don t even want to talk dirty to lawyers, so stick to the basics. Most lawyers are used to being interviewed like this so don t make it uncomfortable.

Fifthly, the lawyer picks up lines that compliment her personality. Some great lines are things like, “I am a strong independent woman who loves to stand up for what’s right.” Or “You always do it on time” or “I am passionate about the law and serving the people.” These are all compliments that she will appreciate.

Sixth, go crazy with the lawyer pick up lines and keep them short. If you want to really get her going, give her 30 seconds’ worth of attention and say something dumb like, “So, how do we get you out of the house now?” This is known as the “darling technique” which means you go crazy with your pickup lines and they keep her talking.

Finally, use the “convict” technique. Have her call you a con artist, tell her that she can’t stand lawyers, tell her that she is a victim and you will let us help her. She will think you are a genius and laugh in your face. You will have just created her own personal prison so she will think of you every time she sees you. She will let us know she wants you and will want you in her life because of your brilliant lawyer picking up lines.

Now you may wonder, why would I want to share this? I do it because lawyers use these pick-up lines against their clients and it is totally legal. This is how lawyers show their power over their client’s lives. Lawyers are great and totally legal.

This is not to say you should put up some cheesy lawyer pick-up lines in your emails or texts, but be sure to use them sparingly. A few good lawyers pick-up lines in every conversation is more than enough. Now it is important to understand that there are some limits. Flirting with someone to get them to take you on or to get them out of their house is one thing, but flirting with someone and then asking them out on a date is crossing the line and is probably not a good idea. You have to be sure you know what the line is for your personality and not the personality of the person you are flirting with.

So when using lawyer pick-up lines, be sure they are not absolutely, totally legal and that you know the line and you know where the line is. If you ever think you might have crossed the line, stop and politely ask them if you can try again. This might sound frustrating, but it is perfectly acceptable in a free society. I mean, if you can’t get your man to do something for you by yourself, chances are he doesn’t want to do it with you either!

There is a great deal of controversy over the use of “wank na” and other dirty pickup lines. Some say that they are demeaning to women and trivializing relationships. I guess the controversy exists because there is no way to talk about flirting without coming down on the side of censorship. But what’s so great about lawyer pick-up lines? They are simply great!