Qualities of a good corporate gift.

Qualities of a good corporate gift.
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A gift bag with a variety of small details to thank a business partner for collaborating – this is the color without which no business meeting or media presentation can take place. How can you ensure that your gift bag is at the forefront of all corporate gifts?


Corporate gift bags usually contain items that are very useful at first glance, but in the end are completely unnecessary.  Various stationery items such as notebooks and diaries, calendars and pens, USB flash drives, key rings, caps or even T-shirts with the company logo.

Change the pattern and give your corporate partner something practical and useful, such as a high quality pepper mill that will last for generations and can be used as a decoration in their kitchen.


All traditional gift items are similar in a way: they make you happy the first time, maybe the second time, but the moment the recipient has 15 USB drives, a thousand pens, and a hundred diaries, what’s new .The excitement of what was in the bag is gone. The person in question cannot even lift the bag at the end.

That’s why we decided to help the companies and work together to create gifts that would make their partners happy.

3-A luxurious look

We always pack the pepper in luxurious packaging, so that the partner can clearly see that you appreciate the cooperation, and they will always remember that he gave her the best pepper some time ago, engraving on the packaging.

Gift wrapping in satin black paper may or may not be part of your packaging, but what is always there is recycled and 100% natural materials that are durable, high quality and kind to our planet. Purchased with our Fair Trade Compote Pepper, they are a perfect blend of traditional values ​​and are a delight even for the most sensible design lover.

4-Recipient Personality

It can be a good gift idea to list the attributes (gender, age, lifestyle) or the attributes that describe the person / persons you want to gift.  Keep in mind the occasion for which you want to give a gift.  The more attention is paid to this aspect, the better the chances of getting the right gift.

5-Get Tips

If the first step didn’t help you find the perfect gift, it might be a good idea to call a close friend or secretary of the recipient or a colleague who will select the gift for you. Can give some useful advice to do.

6-It’s about the giver, not the giver

It should be in the best interest of the giver, not the giver. Make sure your decision is not influenced by what you like more than the recipient wants.

7- Give them something they like

Today giving sweets and spices is something not like before. Most people are health conscious and can never stop eating sweets but eventually give up.  Instead, choose something unique and hand-picked that will last a long time.


Remember that corporate giving is the most meaningful way to express gratitude to your customers, employees and suppliers. The present must of course express your concern, but it must also be in the best interests and philosophy of the recipient. Corporate giving should be pleasant. Corporate gifts should bridge the communication gap between business partners.